If your innovation is selected, you will get access to the SUSTAINABLE BUILD partners and network, giving you the opportunity to collaborate on your project with leading experts, companies and organisations within the built environment.You will get:

  • Access to the SUSTAINABLE BUILD Accelerator Forum from April 21-23, 2020, where your project or innovation will be the focus for collaboration with partners and the other innovators.
  • The opportunity to test your project in selected pilot projects in collaboration with SUSTAINABLE BUILD partners and network.
  • Ongoing support before, during and after the SUSTAINABLE BUILD Accelerator Forum.
  • Individual presentation especially for the Accelerator Forum made in collaboration with the SUSTAINABLE BUILD team.
  • A personal video of you and your project – which will also be available at sustainablebuild.dk.

At Accelerator Forum, you will get counselling from the SUSTAINABLE BUILD Council members specifically chosen for this year’s theme and based on the chosen innovators. Following the Accelerator Forum, innovators will become part of a further Accelerating process, that facilitate access to – and realisation of – the opportunities identified at Accelerator Forum.

Participation in the SUSTAINABLE BUILD Innovation Challenge can therefore help mature your innovation and open the door to new opportunities.