April 21st, 2020, is the Preparation Day. The purpose of this day is to refine and rehearse your presentation and performance in a peer-review-format together with the SUSTAINABLE BUILD team and the other innovators. You will have a personal facilitator helping you maximize your output from the Forum.
Your presentation will set the basis for the impact rotations where you will get individual time with the Council to talk about your innovation and how best to scale it.
The SUSTAINABLE BUILD Accelerator Forum is from April 22nd-23rd, 2020. This event is two high-pace days, where you will engage with the Council consisting of pioneering partners, experts, public and private decision-makers. The Council joining the Forum is carefully selected and curated to help you on your journey.
Forum day 1 is centered around on your presentations and on gathering as many commitments, connections, and leads as possible. Forum day 2 is centered around co-designing and building your roadmap for the future.
During the Forum, each innovator will have an assigned facilitator who will help you push the Council to give you as many commitments to help you as possible. You will also have an assigned notetaker, who will help you keep track of all the commitments made by the Council.
The final activity in your innovation program is the Advisory Board in May. Here selected members of our network will help you build the foundation for the future.