In the late summer of 2019, we started the search for solutions that can create sustainable lives in buildings under the theme “CHANGING LIVES: CHANGING BUILDINGS”. We received no less than 56 applications from 22 different countries. After a competitive selection process, and a corona break, we are now happy to finally present this year’s SUSTAINBLE BUILD innovators!

How can we make better use of buildings’ space and square meters? Can flexible spaces and solutions extend the life span of buildings? What will it take for us to share more and live smaller? CHANGING LIVES : CHANGING BUILDINGS is the title of the 2020 SUSTAINABLE BUILD Innovation Challenge, which was announced at Building […]

Our lives in cities and buildings are changing. In 2030 around 60% of us will be living in cities, at the same time, we must lower our carbon footprint radically. In addition, around 210.000 Danes feel lonely, while 7 out of 10 would like more community where they live. These challenges require significant changes in […]

For the fourth year, SUSTAINABLE BUILD is focusing on the challenges of the construction industry, while at the same time looking for solutions that can help to make the construction industry radically more sustainable. We invite you and your company to follow the process and invite you to the areas where you have special knowledge […]