For the fourth year, SUSTAINABLE BUILD is focusing on the challenges of the construction industry, while at the same time looking for solutions that can help to make the construction industry radically more sustainable. We invite you and your company to follow the process and invite you to the areas where you have special knowledge or skills to contribute.

This is the fourth time that SUSTAINABLE BUILD’s innovation program has been launched. We start by bringing together the industry across the value chain of so-called Build-Up’s to delve into the theme and identify the core challenges and missing solutions that put a stop to sustainable change.

It will take place from August to September, where we invite players across the industry and the country to help identify the most important challenges and areas of focus for Build-Up’s in Aalborg, Fredericia and Copenhagen respectively. Next, the innovation challenge is designed, where we call for the lack of solutions from innovators around the world.

Focus for the upcoming year

SUSTAINABLE BUILD’s themes always come from the construction industry itself and are determined in collaboration with the steering committee. There has been a broad consensus that we are not done with having the users and life in our buildings downtown. We are therefore building on the theme from last year, “The Good Indoor Life” and looking at how we ensure that our buildings can create a much more sustainable framework for living.

Our lives in cities and buildings are changing. By 2030, 60% of us will live in cities, so we will have less space to live in, which increases the need for flexible use and interior design in residential, commercial and public buildings. Solutions are increasingly needed that can facilitate sharing of what we can share, reducing overall resource consumption, and solutions that meet the increased pressure on materials and components when using the same areas more .

Our lives indoors are increasingly subject to worrying statistics about disease-promoting inactivity, loneliness, and depression, increasing the need for integrated solutions that encourage us to move and make the sustainable and social choices of everyday life.

These are some of the areas we will be exploring for our Build Ups and we look forward to meeting players from our network again in the coming months and thereby sharpen our understanding of the industry’s challenges in these areas.

You can follow the process

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If you would like to contribute to anchoring sustainable construction solutions, you are also welcome to contact us and hear about your opportunities to become part of the SUSTAINABLE BUILD network. Contact Maria Hyllehøj, Project Manager for SUSTAINABLE BUILD at or +45 30600858