Why do we need an Innovation Challenge?

Social Sustainability, Economic Sustainability and Environmental Sustainability.

Sustainability in construction is comprehensive – because, what is environmental advantages worth, if they aren’t affordable or socially compelling?

How can we build and renovate buildings, that support all aspects of sustainability at once? We are confronting a global situation, where we must make it desirable to accommodate ourselves to the environmental and social challenges. By collaborating and involving actors across the construction, we believe, that we can solve our society’s problems. That is why SUSTAINABLE BUILD has initiated an Innovation Challenge for innovators to help the build environment with solutions, and create growth within sustainable development. We use our position and know-how within the industry, innovation processes and tools to accelerate the selected participant’s innovations.

In that regard, SUSTAINABLE BUILD is searching for projects and innovations, which can deliver solutions that ensure a sustainable future. We are interested in solutions from all phases of the innovative process, and seek participants globally, whether it is innovators, firms or organisations. We are looking for everything from singular projects to methods on how to integrate solutions, that can be used on existing or future buildings.

See our Innovation Challenge

Are you interested in our new Innovation Challenge? Do not hesitate to follow the link and learn more about the challenge CHANGING LIVES : CHANGING BUILDINGS