In 2017, SUSTAINABLE BUILD is looking for 8-10 innovators who support circular economy within the building sector in different ways. It can be through new types of materials, components, products, processes, systems, platforms, business models – or something completely different.

Innovation Challenge 2017

“How do we ensure maximum recycling of materials, components and buildings in the future?”. The solutions can be within one of the following categories or you can surprise us with entirely different solutions.

  • Solutions that can create new types of modular building – We are looking for innovations with component, design and construction solutions that support the ongoing replacement and upgrades of different building layers or components, based on their respective service lives and the adaptation to changing user demands.
  • Solutions that ensure health and security in the recycling of materials and components – We are looking for innovative technologies regarding scanning, cleaning, sorting and general quality assurance of materials for recycling and upcycling gained from across the different building phases or from completely different sectors.
  • Solutions that create new incentives for the recycling of materials and components – We are looking for innovations that give new practical approaches to ownership and service models (life time or leasing based) for materials and components, increased manufacturer responsibility and take-back systems, and new types of digital cooperation platforms regarding control of material streams and products/components across the different building phases.
  • Solutions that create market places for recycled materials – We are looking for innovations regarding the management of value chains and material streams, tools for data analysis and matchmaking, quality assurance, software platforms or something else that supports the creation and scaling of market places for reused materials and ensures reliability and transparency in the buying and selling of reused materials.

Who can participate

We expect that the solution is more developed than at an idea/concept stage, and that the solution can have a significant positive effect on the building sector’s opportunities to create economic growth in recycling and sustainable building. We are looking for Danish as well as foreign innovations for this year’s innovation challenge. We would also like to see strong solutions from other sectors that can be applied to the building sector.


The 10 chosen innovators will gain access to the SUSTAINABLE BUILD accelerator program, that takes place in the end of May. Here the innovators will get the opportunity to present and discuss their solutions with some of the strongest actors and investors in the building sector. These experts will contribute their expertise as well as create access to new markets, testing, networks or resources that can help grow and scale the innovators’ solutions – nationally and internationally.

The objective

The objective is that with inputs from the SUSTAINABLE BUILD partners and other experts from the building sector, the innovators will enter into new partnerships and get the opportunity to test initiatives with other actors in the sector. All initiatives are made to create growth for sustainable building.

Therefore, if you have an innovation or solution that can increase the recycling of materials, components or buildings or you know somebody else who does, then make sure we receive an application before 24 March 2017.