About Sustainable Build

We create growth in sustainable building

The purpose of SUSTAINABLE BUILD is to create growth in sustainable building. We help strengthen the competitiveness of sustainable solutions and scale new sustainable products and business models. This is done through an increase in innovation, knowledge sharing and strengthening cooperation across the building industry.

SUSTAINABLE BUILD is a collaboration between The Danish Industry Foundation and the Danish Architecture Center, and has been developed together with Leaderlab. The project derives from a call for initiatives promoting sustainable production by the Danish Industry Foundation.

The partners in Sustainable Build include: Pension Denmark, Central Region Denmark, Henning Larsen Architects, NCC and Tarkett. SUSTAINABLE BUILD is created in close collaboration with various actors from the building industry such as manufacturers, suppliers, builders, architects, knowledge institutions and government organisations.

How we work

Sustainable Build’s Innovation Process

The innovation process in SUSTAINABLE BUILD consists of three annual phases:

  1. Kick off
  2. Build-up
  3. Announcement
  4. Innovation Groups
  5. Call for Innovators
  6. Screening and Selection
  7. Accelerator Forum
  8. Implementation and Acceleration

In phase 1, the specific challenges of this year’s theme are identified by Sustainable Build partners and other experts in the Danish building industry. During the Kick Off of each annual cycle, the partners choose the theme of the year. Subsequently the events Build-Up and Announcement are held, where the participants identify the specific challenges within the annual theme worth focusing on in the next phases.

In phase 2, the possible innovation solutions for the Innovation Challenge are identified. This is done through a Call for Innovators, where innovators are invited to apply with an innovation. At the same time, 2 Innovation consisting of project partners, works with the theme and the chosen innovators in order to help them scale through collaboration from the Danish built industry.

In phase 3, the 10 best innovations are selected and presented at the Accelerator Forum. Here, the partners and network provide feedback on how the innovations and solutions can be scaled and implemented in the industry.